Bosnian translations



FIMA Translation Agency offers you Bosnian translations to Slovenian and all other languages such as English, German, Russian, French, Polish, etc.

BOSNIAN TRANSLATIONS (certified and general translations)

Bosnian translations

We offer you quality and low-price Bosnian translations. Experienced translators provide professional and quality translations on time. FIMA offers translations of various texts, for example: websites, product catalogues, business plans, investment documentation, offers, thesis summaries, CVs, letters of application from Bosnian and other languages.

Certified Bosnian translations

Low-price, fast and quality certified Bosnian translations. Certified translations are made by our judicial interpreters or translators who mark them with their stamp and tie them with original documents, certified copies or regular copies. They always attach a credibility clause and their data. Certified translations are legal documents.


If your translation will be published, we suggest you take advantages of our proofreading offer. Translation will be carefully read, corrected and proofread by our assistants.


Our Bosnian interpreters are professionals – native speakers from Bosnia who are fluent in Slovenian. Experienced interpreters will make it easier for you to communicate in foreign languages.

Our interpreters will accompany you during the visit of your business partners from abroad and will focus completely on you, your terminology and the goals of the meeting. On request they will interpret abroad: they can accompany you on fairs, lectures and business meetings.

Do you want a translation from Bosnian to Slovenian or from Slovenian to Bosnian? Don’t hesitate to e-mail us your enquiry so that we can provide a quality and professional translation on time. 


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